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Music Gear Review - Event 20/20 8" Passive Studio Monitors
(Vifa/Peerless DX25SG05-04 1" Fabric Dome Tweeter)
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My first studio monitors were a mint pair of Celestion SL600's that my boss let me have for $0.  Audiophiles know just how completely awesome the SL600s are.

I love the Celestions but they're actually kindof a hassle because: always babying them; they're not magnetically shielded (not good for somebody who was working with TONS of magnetic media); and, with 6" drivers & small non-ported cabinets, they just always lacked the low end i needed.

It ended up taking me ten years to get some cheap studio monitors, all because i refused to buy speakers without first hearing them - kindof ridiculous i guess, but maybe that's just how it goes when there are other

  Celestion SL600      
speakers available to borrow from friends and co-workers!

In 2002 i bought a pair of Event 20/20 passive drivers; paid around $300 for the pair.

It's true that whenever there was something really important, i'd be pulling out the SL600's (or borrowing or renting other speakers); for the most part though i have been monitoring,

Event 20/20 (click for larger pic)
mixing, and even mastering with the Event 20/20's for the past seven years.

The Event's aren't the only monitors i use, but they're definitely now the ones i have logged the most hours on so i do know them very well.

At 10" x 14" x 11" these boxes are kinda big-ish for a near field monitor, but the low end is definitely worth that size.

I still have the exact same amount of studio clutter on my desk; some of it is just 14" higher than the rest.  ;)  They only weigh 22 pounds each, which i guess is appreciated by friends who

borrow them from time to time.  They're your typical mitered MDF cubes sporting that vinyl laminate.

The 20/20 pictured above actually has an aftermarket tweeter in it.  The original looked like this...

Event PS8

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