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Ampeg Micro-CL mini bass stack
Hanging out at the music store after hours; we ordered pizza and then we started jamming.

Somebody pulled this amp out from a pile and started plugging it in.  I had never seen an Ampeg mini stack in person before; i can tell you that it's every bit as cool as those mini Marshall stacks that are everywhere.
It's got the A logo on the cab and the wide badge on the head, with white trim around them both - just totally kick-ass looking.

The best way i can think to describe the head is that it looks (to me) like the coolest lunchbox ever.
Sitting on top of the 8-ohm 2x10 cabinet, the whole rig is not quite waste-high.  Haven't been able to find out what kind of drivers are in it; just that they're LF with freq response of 57Hz to 5kHz (you definitely can't use this cabinet for guitar!)
Single jack on the back of the cab, so no piggy-backing with an extension cab.
The handle is on top of the cabinet; hides underneath the head.  I use a 2x10 cab to gig out all the time and i can't imagine

not having a handle on the side.  Kinda weird but whatever.

Head is 100-watt solid-state, with just your basic minimal front panel.  Master, treble, middle, bass.  Aux in and headphone out jacks (both 1/8") next to the power switch; also an Aux level on the front panel.
There are two input jacks; 0dB and -15dB.  Seems like one jack and a switch would've been easier.
Across the back of the amp you've got: single speaker jack (labeled 8-ohm); effects Return & Send jacks; line out (unbalanced).  There is no switch for ground lift or to change polarity.  No on/off for fx loop and no footswitch so it's all or nothing, which is
fine with an amp like this.
I was using an Ibanez budget bass and i thought it sounded really good, although it's true i might have been giving it more credit just based on the amp's looks, lol.  Of course it didn't have the definition of a 15" or even a good 12" but it was decent enough for practice (even on those awful tile floors of my friend's store).

It was definitely loud enough to play out with.  Personally, if i were gigging with it i would just use this amp for my own on-stage monitor and then use the line out to feed a decent bass DI that would go to the board.  I wouldn't mic this cabinet live unless i had to

and i definitely wouldn't crank the amp if i was micing this cab for front-of-house.

I had planned on borrowing the head to try with my band using another 2x10 cab that i have that is 4-ohm, but when i finally got around to asking it had already been sold.


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