Beth Thornley - California
Dude Man - the universe
Illusion - Michigan
Mocking Larry - Michigan
Peachfuzz - California
Rob Cairns - California
Skip Erickson - Michigan
The Old School Players - Arkansas
The Painted Lady - glass art; Michelle Corsich & Mary Young
The Starkweather Society - Romeo Michigan
Tommy Rock - Arkansas
Wookstock festival - Davison Michigan

Gus Zoppi Music - Troy Michigan
Joe's Music - Eastpointe Michigan
K*O Music Studio - the Ottenbacher brothers, Ray Township Michigan
Limelight Music - Rochester Hills Michigan

AER Amps - acoustic amplifiers
ALLPARTS - guitar, bass, & amp parts
Bogner - tube guitar amps
Charis Acoustic - Bill Wise
Chordhouse - outstanding resource; a must visit
Curt Mangan - strings; former Ernie Ball employee
Egnater Amps - made in Michigan!
Guitar Dating.com - just punch in your serial number
Motor City Pickups.com
Perfect Sound Rock Refurbs - David Accomando, legendary Rockman tech
65amps - tube guitar amps
Splawn - tube guitar amps
Stewart MacDonald - guitar, bass, & amp parts
StringsAndBeyond.com - one of my favs
TheTubeStore.com - i won't buy tubes from anywhere else!
ToneHunter - [shhh... it's a secret!]
WD Music - guitar, bass, & amp parts

"...and the rest"  :)
My Cable Mart.com - computer, A/V
NGS Images - the National Geographic image collection
Toys from times past.com - Don & Dawn Shurlow