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Fender Modern Player Telecaster Plus

Music Gear Review - TC Electronic BH250 250w Bass Amp Head

Music Gear Review - ALTO Professional ZEPHYR ZMX 52 Mixer

Music Gear Review - Michael Kelly Patriot Phoenix Electric Guitar

Ebtech Hum X (Hum Exterminator) Ground Isolator

How to play an acoustic open mic night

Music Gear Review - ART SplitCom Pro Microphone Splitter/Combiner

In the studio: DPA 4011-TL SDC on Alejandro Cervantes acoustic guitar

Music Gear Review - DiMarzio DP224 (AT-1 Andy Timmons) and DP192 (Air Zone) Humbucker Pickups

Ampeg Micro-CL mini bass stack

Music Gear Review - DiMarzio DP420 Virtual Solo Hum-Cancelling Strat Pickup

Music Gear Review - Soundcraft EPM6 EPM8 EPM12
(6, 8, & 12 channel mixers)

Music Gear Review - Event 20/20 8" passive Studio Monitors
(Vifa/Peerless DX25SG05-04 1" Fabric Dome Tweeters)

Music Gear Review - Alvarez AD70SC Acoustic/Electric Guitar

Mesa Dual Rectifier the wrong amp for clean tones?  Think again.

Acoustic guitar magnetic soundhole pickup comparisons

More Stereo Speaker Wiring Diagrams (all 3-jack circuits)

Mackie DFX12 mixer VERSUS Behringer UB1222FX mixer

Music Gear Review - Epiphone Masterbilt EF-500RA Acoustic Guitar

Speaker Wiring Diagrams

Groove Tubes SuPRE versus Avalon M5

Music Gear Review - Silver Creek D-160 Acoustic Guitar

Robben Ford Clinic - Mixing Jazz Chords with Blues

Stereo Speaker Wiring Diagrams

Using a 9 volt battery to check speaker polarity

Music Gear Review - Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass

Music Gear Review - Early 00's Focusrite Voicemaster Platinum

Music Gear Review - Peavey Generation Custom EX Electric Guitar

Review - Flip Video MinoHD Digital Camcorder (widescreen, HD)

Earl Klugh owns the domain getaklugh.com

Music Gear Review - Behringer AM100 Acoustic Guitar Modeler

Kent Armstrong AGS1 single-coil acoustic guitar pickup
- buyer beware!

Direct Injection (DI) Boxes
> What's a DI?
> What's the difference between a passive DI and an active DI?
> What's the difference between a preamp and an active DI?
> What's best for electric guitar or bass; an active or a passive DI?
> Using a DI with Electric Guitar
* page 1 - Intro
* page 2 - Live
* page 3 - Studio
> DI's and Cabinet Simulation
> What's best for acoustic guitar; an active or a passive DI?
> Using a DI with Acoustic Guitar (still workin' on it)
> Comparison of active DI's/preamps for Acoustic Guitar (coming soon)

Electric Guitar Strings

Tracking the Visitors from Cyberspace

Taylor Classic SC electric solidbody guitar
page 1 - introduction, originality, overall design
page 2 - body & neckjoint
page 3 - pickups & switching
page 4 - sound
Page 5 - conclusion

Avalon L32 guitar - Open mic

Celestion Versus ElectroVoice Speakers

Gibson Robot Guitar

Hewlett Packard JetDIRECT 170X - Telnet to the rescue!

Rize - Live Or Die

My stereo guitar rigs

Horns up ad


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