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Using a DI with Electric Guitar
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Prior to amp-modeling it was usually only the bass that you'd see being used with a DI for getting that signal to the mixer for a live show or for recording.  I'd see these guys getting really great tones out of just their bass into a DI and scratch my head thinking "how is this possible?!".  And there i was hauling around an entire rig (or two).

Of course there aren't very many guitar players out there who ever felt that the guitar-DI-mixer (pickup) sound was all that useful!

In my opinion, getting bass to the board using only a standard DI is pretty much an old school thing - i just don't see many players my age (40's) or younger doing this live anymore. [Anybody who has heard even just the $200 Tech 21 SansAmp for bass knows why!]

Because of the success of amp and speaker modeling (and reamping), i see the use of DI's with electric guitars and bass about equal in the studio.  It's catching on for live gigs in a big way too; more and more guitar amplifiers are being made with a built-in DI Out.  Amp modelers like the POD and V-Amp can be sent via DI to the mixer while another line out goes into a poweramp for the stage mix.

With the advent of affordable DI's that feature speaker simulation/modeling, you can even send your vintage tube amplifier down a balanced line and directly into a mixer.
[For more on DI's and Cabinet Modeling, please go here.]

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