Electric guitar performance    

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- Three months of work for 90 minutes of fun
- Voted best festival in Michigan by everyone in my family
- Here are some pictures from the old website
- Blues enigma
- Got Tape?
MP3 of two guitar solos from Summer Days 2007 (2.1mb)

MP3's of cover songs recorded with Tastes Like Chicken
2006 -
Bitch 3.6mb,    Jenny Jenny (guitar & vocals) 3.4mb,    two cheesy solos 1.2mb
2002 - Hey Jealousy 3.4mb,   
Gel 2.6mb
Tastes Like Chicken were: David Chmelko - bass/vox; Rebecca Iler - vocals; Mark Lowe - vocals; Jim Pauli - drums/vox; Jumbo Sunshade - guitar/vox

TLC Video clip from Rosie O'Grady's
2006 - Cumbersome (solo) 3.6mb