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Tracking the Visitors from Cyberspace
I was just going over the stats for jumbosunshade.com and while i'm in no danger whatsoever of exceeding my monthly bandwidth limitation, i am fairly happy with the traffic i receive for what little content i currently have posted.

Since January of this year (2008) i have had 6,590 visits, of which 5,518 are unique.  And to be averaging 613 unique visitors a month is just way better than i could've imagined when i decided to revamp this site back in December of last year.

Years ago when i first setup this website i put a hit counter on the main page but then took it down almost immediately.  I figured it would look kinda stupid having "0000075" sitting there!  hehe
But today i was so psyched about my traffic that i immediately started searching for a cool hit counter.

Initially all of the stuff i found was code that i couldn't customize and that pointed back to somebody's server.  Then when i thought to check with my own webhost i found out that they do have some code that you can sortof customize, plus it doesn't involve any 3rd party.

The first hit counter i setup seemed to work just fine and one of their available options actually fit the look and feel of my site so that was cool.  Then when i was looking at the code i had one of those "duh" moments; realizing that my hosting account logon ID was part of the code (linking to my stats).

Of course i can't imagine anyone ever wanting to try and gain access to my account (what would be the point?), let alone being able to ever guess my password.  But i'm just not at all comfortable with my logon ID being cached by Google.

The next hit counter i setup didn't have my logon ID in the code, but the problem is that it either:
* Only applies to whatever page you set the code in.
* Only counts entries to the main page (domain name).

Obviously i don't want to have to go back and add code to all of my existing pages.  And then with the main page thing; this wouldn't work at ALL for me because most of my traffic involves direct page hits via Google and Yahoo.

Between reading reviews and setting up and testing various hit counters i wasted most of my morning to end up with nothing.  What a drag.  I'm sure there is something out there that would work for me but there's like, thirty-eight million results for the search term "free hit counter"!  Pass.

I'm just gonna manually update my front page with the number whenever i think about it.  Just easier that way.


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