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Hand's Off! Review
Taylor Classic SC (Single Coil) Solidbody Electric Guitar
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If Taylor set out to design and produce a solid body electric guitar that would appeal to their existing acoustic customers... well who knows - maybe they nailed it.

With the Taylor dual humbucking electric guitars you could assume that there'd be some appeal for those players who like the Les Pauls and/or the LP Juniors (flat top) but who for whatever reason are not in the market for a Gibson.
The Taylor classic might also be a viable alternative for those looking into buying a Paul Reed Smith.

To stick the Stratocaster electronics into a Les Paul copy though; to me just seems uninspired and would be lacking any appeal beyond niche.

Is it fair to compare the Taylor Classic SC directly to a Gibson Les Paul and a Fender Stratocaster?  Yes, absolutely...

i mean just look at it!

Yes, of course the neck joint is different, and the bridge and the knobs.

But who could possibly look at this guitar and

say "wow, that is truly unique"?

From what i've heard this guitar sounds great and the noiseless pickups are a huge bonus (a necessity for anyone doing studio work).  It looks like it would be comfortable enough to play rhythm on for three sets a night but i can't imagine shredding on it! lol

The overall look of this guitar makes it a strain for me to take seriously.  The acoustic guitar neck; the hybrid Les Paul/Stratocaster look, the short scale...
I usually favor *ugly* guitars, but i have kindof a problem with *dorky-looking* ones.  The person who designed that pickguard must've been watching alot of Flash Gordon DVDs at the time.  That's just my opinion.

If somebody gave me a Taylor Classic SC i probably would not immediately turn around and sell it on eBay, but; if i had $1300 to spend on a new guitar it definitely would not be this one.

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