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Taylor Classic SC (Single Coil) Solidbody Electric Guitar
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The pickups are another thing that needs some explaining. This guitar is called a Taylor Classic SC. The "SC" stands for Single Coil, but each pickup employs the use of two coils. David Hosler and Brian Swerdfeger are responsible for both the design of these pickups, and for the hype surrounding them.

Taylor can deny all day long that these are humbucking pickups, but that is in fact what they are.

Two coils, reverse wound with reverse polarity and connected in series equals common-mode rejection.  With this design you achieve higher output and rejection of hum.

If Taylor says that these aren't

stacked pickups then i'll take them at their word (because i don't have one that i can open up and look at); but to claim that they aren't humbuckers is just factually incorrect.

I'd be interested in finding out if these are 2 or 4-conductor pickups.  Also, i'd like to know if they've reversed the middle pickup, which is what you'd have with actual single coils to help cancel hum in the 2nd and 4th switch positions.

Taylor says that these pickups utilize a "new type of magnet".  NdFeB (sintered neodymium) has been around since the 80's so they must be referring to a specific way in which they're using the magnets.  [Q-Tuner claims to have been the first to use neodymium magnets in their guitar and bass pickups.]

One thing that is totally knit-picking is that i dislike the size of these pickups.  It was probably a design decision based on the short scale and body size.  Of course i know that it's a compromise because either the angled bridge pickup will be too small or the perpendicular middle and neck pickups will be too big.

As a consumer though my own personal opinion is that these ever-so-slightly smaller pickups enhance the toy-like appearance of the Classic SC.


The five-way switch does exactly what you'd think it'd do:
1. bridge only
2. bridge + middle
3. middle only
4. middle + neck
5. neck only

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