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Rize - Live or Die
Kaneko Nobuaki has this great live snare sound; crisp, clear & loud.  And he's great with ghost notes and high hat. 
So, what does he do for his drum solo?  He plays completely without using his snare (until the very end).  I don't get it.

Kami turned out to be one of my favorite 2007 "discovery" tunes.  Everybody in the family loves it; definitely my kids.  Rize have some goofy music (who doesn't, right?) and some other good stuff.

But then there's Live Or Die.  Who wrote this and who is the intended audience?  It's like something that got thrown together to pitch a show to Cartoon Network executives.  The video is awful.  My son and i watched it and he just kept shaking his head saying "this is really lame".  Yes, some of the music my son listens to includes Static X and Grip Inc.  But he also likes Barbie Girl, Dancing Queen, Home Tonight, and almost every song off the Rumors album.  He's almost seven years old, and he thinks Live Or Die is lame.

Universal Music Japan posted the Live Or Die video.  The don't have ratings or comments enabled, and for this tune i think it's a good thing.

Yea i know it's hard to break into a foreign language market (unless you're American or British to begin with), but there are better songwriters out there.  Don't the major record labels have people who do this over and over?

I've said it before and i'll say it again: The Scorpions need to write a book... better yet, an instruction manual.


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