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The Peavey "Horns Up" Ad
Peavey has this ad in the American Musical catalog that is hilarious.  It's for their PXD Series of guitars; the ones that are black and grey (or silver; i can't tell).  There is a black-haired girl dressed in black leather (of course) squatting with one of the guitars between her legs.  She is actually identified as Mistress Juliya.

How could i not Google this??

She has a MySpace page and her friends top the 176,000 mark.  I have to assume that her job is requesting/accepting MySpace friend invitations, but i'll check YouTube anyway...

Ok well it appears that Mistress Juliya isn't necessarily a musician but more likely a host of some metal show(s).  The "horns up" thing comes up here and there.  Seems like she might be a younger, more metal version of Elvira or something.

The names of those Peavey guitars are pretty funny too:
* Twenty-Three III
* Void III
* Tragic III
* Tomb III

Why do they all end in "III"??  I don't know, but i love it.  Somehow though (my age?) it's hard for me to picture kids at the Guitar Center saying "whoa dude, check out that Tomb over there".

The copy doesn't disappoint:
"PXD Series guitars from Peavey are bred for extreme shredding and razor-sharp riffage... Shrouded in a matte black finish and entombed by Coffin Cases, these sinister speed demons..."

I have a brother who frequently engages in razor-sharp riffage; i wonder if he knows about these guitars?  lol


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