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Avalon L32 Acoustic Guitar - Open Mic
The other night at an open mic i saw a guy that i've met maybe 3 times before.  He's a decent guitar player (no matter what he says) and he's a great singer.  How well do i know the guy?  Not well enough to remember what kind of acoustic guitar he normally plays.

I'm sitting at another table but basically right next to him.  He tells me that he bought this new guitar on the advice of a friend who said "it's basically a Lowden copy".  It had a UST but no controls so i think this might have been non-factory-installed.  Either way, it was failing during his first song so they just pointed a Beta57 at him and it sounded really good.

I don't come across enough Lowden guitars to know a "Lowden copy" when i see one so i just tell him "yea, it looks great".

He wanted me to get up and play something with his guitar, to which is said "oh, twist my arm"!  :)
The Avalon L32 is a thing of beauty.  It's got a spruce top, rosewood back and sides, wide neck with ebony fretboard, and a (probably Brazilian) rosewood bridge.
The saddle was split; that i remember - but for some reason i don't recall if it was otherwise compensated.  I also didn't think to check out the tuning gears, duh.

I believe there might be different versions of the L32, but this is what the one i played looked like.


If you look closely you can see the clear sheet of pickguard material.  My own personal opinion is that this kindof guitar would look better either with a "real" pickguard or with nothing at all.  That reflection just bugs me for some reason.

A dreadnought is always my "first choice" and when i play a parlor/folk guitar i usually like them to be small.  But this jumbo parlor was a blast.

The guitar played extremely well.  I loved the neck; reminded me of my Epiphone but with lower action than i'm used to.  I think this guitar was setup for fingerstyle.  I would've loved to hear this thing in a quiet room with EXPs on it.  Speaking of which, this guy had it strung up with - what else?...  Elixir .13s  [sigh]  Well at least they were Nano and not Poly; yikes!
Anyway, you definitely couldn't play any slide guitar on this thing the way he had it setup.

I played Leroy Brown (LOL) and no, i'm not kidding!  :D
I played a couple of Beatles tunes and i think Tom Petty.  Then i played an original and really opened it up with the not-so-tasteful shredding (this is exactly what the guitar's owner wanted me to do)!  I can now say that an Avalon guitar is really fun to goof around on; the neck heel doesn't get in the way at all.  I'm sure Avalon makes cutaway versions of this thing.

This particular guitar was "either three or four years old", but i swear you'd think it was just plucked off the wall at Huber & Breeze [plug].  It's cool that people bring guitars like this to the open mic nights (and let ME play them!!) but i always wonder if they smell like smoke the next day.

If he told me how much he paid for it i don't remember, but it seems like it would've been expensive ($2,000+?).  Whatever; you just can't beat a huge comfy guitar!


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